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Let’s help you choose the right lenses for you and your glasses

 Our team at Optika are here to find the most suitable lenses for your budget, prescription, lifestyle and needs. A solution which is tailored to you. 

Step 1: Lets Choose The Lens Manufacturer

We have a very wide portfolio of optical lenses to choose from various optical lens manufacturers including Class Optical Lenses, Essilor Lenses and Zeiss Lenses as well as the branded optical lenses by Ray ban Rx and Oakley Rx.

Step 2: Lets choose the lens type

Single vision lenses

Distance or Intermediate or Reading

Simply put: one prescription that covers the whole lens.

Bifocal lenses

If you need separate glasses for different distances a bifocal may be the option for you. There is a visible dividing line across a section of the lens.

Standard bifocal

Distance + Reading

Occupational Bifocal

Intermediate + Reading

Varifocal lenses or Progressive lenses or Multifocals

Distance to Intermediate to Reading

If you need separate glasses for different distance and would like one convenient pair of glasses then this is probably the most suitable solution. Unlike bifocals there is no visible line across the lens.

Our progressive lenses are fitted by our optical team ensuring greater wearer tolerance , faster adaptation and all round clear vision.

Each of our lens brands carries a range of progressive designs that enables us to find the right lens to suit your budget needs and lifestyle. Fully tailor made progressive lens solutions are also available, namely through our Zeiss Individual lens.

Occupational Progressive Lenses

Intermediate to Reading

There are no visible lines across the lens

Digital Lenses

Mainly Distance + a Reading boost

A type of progressive lens which is mainly dedicated to Distance vision, having a reading boost towards the bottom of the lens.

Step 3: Choosing the Lens Index

A lens index determines how thin the lenses are made, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing and lighter lens. The lens index is chosen based on your prescription and how thin you want your lenses.

Aspheric lenses are also optional to allow for a thinner and flatter lens with less aberrations, especially when it comes to plus prescriptions.

Step 4: Understanding the Lens Extras

Anti-reflection coating is a coating applied to the surface of the lens to reduce glare and reflections allowing for more light to pass through the lens. Nowadays this a standard choice by wearers as the benefits include a more aesthetically pleasing lens, sharper vision and greater comfort.

Blue light filter is used to absorb the extra blue energy light that is omitted from computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones that is not needed by the eye. Such light in extra amounts may cause digital eye strain so such a filter helps to alleviate the symptoms of digital eye fatigue.

Hard coats consist of a clear film that is applied to the lens surface that makes plastic lenses much more scratch resistant. Another standard choice for most wearers.

UV coat allows for a 100% protection from harmful UV rays.

Photochromic/ Photochromatic/ Transition Light intelligent Lenses that darken to a sunglasses when exposed to UV light, and return to a clear lens when indoors or not exposed to sunlight.

With modern photochromic lenses the process happens very quickly.

Permanent tints giving color to your lenses. We can apply anything from a light comfort tint to very dark sun lenses,

Solid tint  are available in various colors and varying depths of intensity, this tint is applied throughout the whole of the lens.

Graduated tint is darker at the top and gradually fades out to a much lighter shade at the bottom

Polarised lenses are a solid tint that enables the lenses to block out and eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces such as roads, water and snow.  

Mirrored Lenses can also be an option for you.

With so many advancements in spectacle lens design our dedicated fully trained optical dispensing staff will be happy to help and recommend the correct lenses for you, your life style and day to day needs. 

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