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Your Contact Lens Guide

Find all the information to help you decide
whether to switch to contact lenses below.

First time wearers

Age or prescription is generally not a problem. There is a contact lens solution for nearly everyone.

You would need to start with an eye test to determine prescription followed by a contact lens recommendation and fit by your eye care professional.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to learning how to handle your contact lenses. If you decide to wear lenses we are here to help and show you how to handle and care for your lenses.  

Advanced technology used in Contact lens materials nowadays means that they are extremely comfortable and you will barely notice they are there.

Daily vs Biweekly vs Monthly?

Daily Lens wear

Easy and Convenient: Just wear the lens for up to a day and throw away after use. No need for cleaning and storage. Lenses usually come in a box of 30. If its convenience and practicality you are after then these are the lenses for you.

Lens care for these lenses are the same as monthly lens wear. Only difference is that these lenses must be replaced every 2 weeks. 48 lenses are needed per year.
Monthly Lens wear

Can be worn everyday, taking them out at night and storing correctly. Lenses need to be replaced one month from opening. You need 12 pairs a year plus a cleaning solution and case which needs to be replaced on a monthly basis.

Fewer lenses are needed, so generally better value for money.

The contact lens must be rubbed with the solution for at least 10 seconds and then rinsed with the same solution and placed into the clean contact lens case filled with fresh solution.

The solution in the case should be replaced on a daily basis.

When wearing the contact lenses, clean the case with multipurpose solution and allow to air-dry face down on a clean tissue within a clean environment.

Contact Lenses Coach

If you are trying contact lenses for the first time we recommend you book and appointment with our optometrists so that an eye care assessment can be carried out to assess your suitability for lenses and to be given advice on which lens best suits your lifestyle.

How to insert

Wash and dry your hands
Place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger of your dominant hand (make sure your fingers are dry)
Get close to the mirror and look straight into your eye. With your middle finger pull the bottom of your eyelid down (same hand holding the contact lens)
Hold the upper eye lid firmly with the index finger on your hand not handling the contact lens.
Place the contact lens on the coloured part of your eye.
Blink a few times.
If you find that your contact lens is folding over, it means you are not holding your eyelids firmly enough hence allowing yourself to blink before the contact lens has been inserted.

Contact Lenses and Kids

Can kids wear contact lenses?

There is no minimum or recommended age for wearing contact lenses, we simply recommend wearing contact lenses when we see that the user (with the consent of their parents) is responsible enough to care of and stick to the recommended cleaning and wearing regime. Kids and teenagers are actually the easiest to teach, they are very quick learners.

Some benefits of contact lenses:

They give you a wider field of vision
Enhance your sports performance and experience
Offer a better visual experience when prescribed correctly
Chances of getting injury due to wearing frame during activities are less

Wearing contact lenses often can improve how children feel about their appearance, elevating their self-confidence.

It is important to note that complications mostly arise when contacts are worn or managed improperly.

The decision about whether your child can wear contact lenses or not needs to be taken together with your eye care professional.


Hygiene is key Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water and dry them properly prior to handling the contact lenses.

For those wearing make-up: insert lenses prior to wearing make up to avoid contamination of lenses

Never use tap water to rinse contact lenses.

Do not sleep in contact lenses

Avoid swimming in contact lenses

Always follow recommended wearing schedule and replacement frequency

Never place the contact lenses in your mouth to rinse

Never share your lenses with anyone else                 

Keep your nails short                                   

If you drop your contact lens clean thoroughly with multipurpose solution before inserting again.          

Do not reuse old solution

Three questions you should always ask yourself:

Do my eyes look good?Do my eyes feel good ?
Do my eyes see good?

If they don’t remove lenses immediately and see your eye care professional. If you are unwell avoid using your contacts

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