TOP Glasses of the month

Zeiss Lenses

We are a proud Zeiss optician. As the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics Zeiss combine technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences. Prepare to be astounded by solutions that are much more than lenses

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Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC)

Anti Reflective coating is a lens coat that is applied to the front and back surface of the lens. By reducing the light transmitted through the lens, it reduces unwanted glare, and provides much comfort from eye fatigue and improves clarity for those who suffer from reflection in daily situations such as frequent computer monitor use and difficulty with night time driving. Anti reflective coating is also highly recommended for High Index lenses as It enhances the cosmetic appearance of lenses.
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High Index Lenses

High index materials offer thin and light lenses, two aspects which are very important to the spectacle wearer. Thin lenses give you attractive spectacles and light lenses give you comfortable spectacles. A variety of different index materials are available so we will help you to select the index most suitable to your prescription.

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are for those individuals who require separate prescriptions for different distances. They combine three different prescriptions in one clear lens allowing you to see comfortably at all distances. The lenses look just like normal ones – there are no visible dividing lines.
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