Once you are done with your eye exam your eye care professional will give you your prescription. We understand that it may be difficult to interpret at times so here is a basic explanation:

Rx – Prescription



PD – PUPILLARY DISTANCE i.e. the distance in mm between your pupils.

SPHERE – Indicates if a person is short sighted / myopic ( ‘’-ve’’ sign) or long sighted /  hyperopic (“ +ve” sign)

CYLINDER – Indicates if an astigmatism is present. Astigmatism is a measure of how curved the cornea is.

AXIS – This is a number from 0 to 180 indicating the direction of the Astigmatism

NEAR ADD – Indicates Presbyopia, a condition where reading specs are needing generally at the age of 40+. This power is added to the distance prescription in order to bring a near object in focus. Usually this is a number in the range of +0.50 to +3.50