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Our Optometrist’s Contact Lens Tips

After a thorough yearly eye examination done by your eye care professional here are  a few tips on how to use and care for your contact lenses to avoid any contact lens induced complications due to non compliance.

Hygiene is key: Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water and dry them before handling the contact lenses as well as whilst inserting and removing lenses.
There are 2 main modalities for contact lens wear. You can opt for daily lens wear or monthly lens wear.
Daily Lens wear:
Since thes lenses are to be used only once, daily lens care regime is not needed. Simply throw away the lens after a days use. Remeber to practice good hygiene.
Monthly Lens wear:
On a daily basis the lens must be cleaned with multipurpose solution that your eye care proessional suggests . The lens must be rubbed with the solution for at least 10 seconds, then rinsed with the solution and placed into the contact lens case. The solution in the case needs to be replaced on a daily basis . When wearing the contact lenses, clean the case with multipurpose solution and allow to air dry face down on a clean tissue within a clean environment (Preferably NOT in a bathroom which poetnitally has lots of airbourne germs). Remember saline solution is not a storage solution. The lenses and lens case must be replaced one month from opening.
General tips:

For those wearing make up , insert lenses prior to wearing make up to avoid contamination of lens.
Never use tap water to rinse contact lenses.
Do not sleep in lenses unless specifcally advised to
Avoid swimming in contact lenses
Always stick to recommended wearing schedule and replacement frequency
Never place lenses in your mouth to rinse
Never share your lenses

3 questions to always ask yourself:

Do my eyes look good?
Do my eyes feel good ?
Do my eyes see good?

If they dont then speak to your eye care professional.

Jerome Gabarretta